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Saddness Caused by 'Friends' (Monsters)

I just want to
shout and SCREAM
break these windows
refreact this beam.

I want to pull down
these four walls,
rip them off , block by block,
no more cages , no more halls.

I want to pull up
a pair of black feather wings
and sadly glide into thin air
let me re-born and forget the past things.

So much tears
build in my eyes
as I sadly ask myself , ''What am I?''
and than.... nothing I realize.

I want to destroy
throw and cick
at everything in front of me
.... well no good kicking against the prick.

No way out
of this madhouse
under they happy faces
lie only drunken frowns

They (friends) should entitle me,
put me as their queen,
the saddest person
on has ever seen

Sitting their for the name
I put on my crown,
stare hard
and try not to frown

I hate being in the shadow
not being even seen
not cared , not wanted
just a black shadow on the scene

I hate ALL those
friend monsters
so cruel and insane
they are my dream hunters

Rip you off your dignity
take away your smile
they just toil and bubble
turn your inside into bile

I won't cry , No I wont
When I'll go visit them
on their eternal grave
a black thorned rose , I put with condemn.

At last my nightmare
has ended
No more tears , No more pain
over lies that have me bended.

With you,
all my worries die
I'll feel better , I know
no more need to lie

I was not pleased
resting in your shadow
where you took all my places
and still called me your fellow

But relief
I sigh upon your death
Where both rest in peace
Where no longer I am in a maze , a trapped rat.


All the poem is :copyright: by me , please no copying!

well.. I just noticed anger brings lots of words to the surface
The full title is , ''Saddness Caused by 'Friends' (Monsters) '' because it was too long to fit in.

Well there is nothing much to say about this. I was really broken when writing this shit , I thought i had a friend (which since always I loathed) well she ended up taking my place. You'll see all the things she did to me through out the poem . And no she is not dead , though i terribly wish that deep inside. I don't even wanna call her friend... she's a bitch.

Anyways , enjoy the poem!

Favourites and Comments are always welcome as always!
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WhiteBleedingFox Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Would you mind dearly, if I made a "short" story about your poem?
Horrorandfantasy Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
this had happend to me
Suna-wolf Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
aww thats so sad
hotts88 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2010   Writer
that is the perfect poem like really hope you find someone who isnt a fake like you said with thier stupid fake smiles
AgataKa19 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2005
It's.....very sad poem....
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