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The Broken Wing Of Hopes That Led To Fairytales

Once upon a time
There was a little girl.
Time washed over her
As she grew into a beautiful precious black pearl.

A fairytale it was
Enchanted the way she exsisted,
A tale it had been
Marvelously listed.

Till that
someone cam
and flushed her dream
down the drain.

It was brutal
To watch all her hopes
Be taken away from her
As to tears she mopes.

She was left
with a mere nothing
as that cruel someon came
and broke down her wing

Is all she dreams,
revenge for her it means.

But will she ever
Have what she wants?
Vengeance , pay back
the settling of scores?


The girl is me , yes and  refered as a black pearl for one reason. As always I cur out from the others , but i still have my beauty . When the poem continoius to develop itself I imagine the 'black pearl' turning into a little fairy and her wing is broken. :blahblah:

Anyway , the Poem is (c) me :D
The full title is : ''The Broken Wing Of Hopes That Led To Fairytales''

Well there is nothing much to say ... You'll get what I mean through the poem itself :) I often find myself in these states and end up writing poems like this one.

Anyway Enjoy , Comment and fav+ are always welcome!

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Submitted on
June 26, 2005
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