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The Caged Bird

It would have been better,
If I only was a bird that could fly,
Up in the blue,
Night starry endless sky.

Reach up for the moon,
Let the moonbeam pass me by,
Stare at the twinkling stars,
Let myself go so high.

Have no boundaries,
Pretending I was free,
No limits, just freedom,
Made to be.

But here I lie,
Caged up in a room,
Sitting and starring at the sky,
Wishing I could escape and  bloom.

But thus is all a dream,
I have slept and dreamt for many years,
Scrapping for freedom in my dreams,
In which I built around me a universe.

It all fades away,
As the morning star rise,
Making all my dreams flee,
As rays wake me up, I go back to my cries

As soon as I realize
There is no escape, no way out,
I’m bound to live in misery
My caged life, no doubt.

Its eternity, never ending,
I think I’ll put a stop to all that,
Find a cliff . Let myself fly down,
As my life speeds by, I fly for the last time to my death…


This poem was made by me , and of course copyright of me.

And no , i did not do the picture , I found it on google and thought it represented very well this poem , for the fact it has a bird that is caged and drawn in black , which represents sandess..

Anyway Please read and comment , I would appreciate very much.
A poem on a caged bird , hence the poet. yes in the poem , the caged bird is the poem , and is singing her song of sadness.
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Draw4life Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
serenafrombc Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2007
this is an excellent poem
DaWitness Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2005
wow cool poem :D
AgataKa19 Featured By Owner May 12, 2005
OMG its so good poem. I love it. You are great. Have you got more somwhere?
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May 11, 2005
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